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Best proven ways to promote your podcast

Many thanks to the people and brands who have been generous to share their podcasting tips online. Some of the best advice I found dated all the way back to 2012, which shows just how long some folks have been excelling in the podcast game. I’ll link to some favorite resources at the end of this article as well.

Here’s the big list of podcast promotion strategies we’re keen to try.

1. Leverage your guest’s audience

Make it easy for guests to share by creating snippets and quote images

We’re fortunate that our podcast has an interview format, where we get to talk to amazing people like Rand Fishkin of Moz and Meghan Keaney Anderson of HubSpot.

These people have big audiences.

Rand has over 335,000 Twitter followers.

HubSpot has over 1 million Facebook fans.

What we’d love to do is make it easy for our guests to share and promote their podcast episode. One idea is to send them a note on the day their podcast goes live and include a series of shareable media:

  • Pullquotes
  • Images
  • Links
  • Prewritten tweets and status updates

Here’s an example of one of the images we made for Meghan’s episode:

Meghan Keaney Anderson quote - get hired on social media

Here is the email we sent for Rand’s first episode (feel free to copy it if you’d like):


From this thread on Growth Hackers, there’s some interesting advice to treat podcast promotion like you would content promotion, an area in which we have a bit more experience. Here are the specifics from the Growth Hackers thread:

  1. Quality > Quantity
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Provide actionable insight
  4. Hustle just as hard to distribute as you did to create
  5. Leverage your guest’s audience

^^ It’s this last one that we’re excited to experiment with in some fun ways.

2. Promote on social media … in a dozen different ways

Share rich media, soundbites, video, images, teasers, evergreen — anything you can think of

We’re so lucky to have the amazing social networks that we do. There’s just so much creativity and fun to be had with promoting a podcast on social media.

For starters, share an update when the episode first goes live.

Then, keep sharing.

Here are some ideas:

> Pin your episode tweet or Facebook post, featuring the iTunes URL.

> Create quote images in Canva or Pablo. Share these as standalone social updates with a link to iTunes.

Here’s the Canva template that we’re using.

> Create 15-second soundbite clips. Upload to Soundcloud. Then share on Twitter.

Twitter has a really neat implementation of Soundcloud audio specifically. People can play the audio right from their Twitter stream.


> Tease the next episode 24 hours ahead of time.

> Reshare the podcast episode multiple times.

We do 3x to Twitter the first day, 2x to Facebook the first week.

> Talk about the behind-the-scenes stuff in an Instagram story.

3. Release at least 3 episodes on launch day

“I actually received negative reviews from people who had listened to the first episode and were upset that there was only one.”

The above quote is from Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income. His advice about launch quantity is right in line with the best tips from others, too.

Publish 3 to 5 episodes when you first launch.

From our research, the very minimum number of episodes to have at launch is three. In general, the more the merrier. We had seven interviews complete before we launched our podcast, with three episodes planned for launch day and two apiece for the following two weeks.

This multi-launch strategy is a key part to Jason Zook’s plan for hitting the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes, which, as we mentioned above, is a huge way to get traffic.

Jason’s plan hinges on these two concepts:

  1. Record and release several podcasts on launch day (3-5)
  2. Build your audience before launching if possible

4. Convert the audio to a YouTube video

Name your video “Interview with …” for potential SEO

One thing we’d love to be able to do with the podcast is to repurpose it in as many ways as possible. Some companies do neat things, mixing live video (on Facebook and Periscope) with the live podcast interview. We’re excited to try a slightly different route.

We’re keen to add every episode of the podcast to our YouTube channel.

With a YouTube version, you get a handful of benefits:

  • Video to share on social media
  • Closed captioning and transcripts automatically from YouTube (great for accessibility if you’re not going to transcribe)
  • SEO benefits

This last one is really exciting

How email marketing can help you grow, as an upcoming artist or brand owner

are you struggling to grown you career, maybe you have tried using hashtag, add promotion on social media but no good result yet, I think is time you try Email marketing What is Email marketing:

Email marketing is the advertising and promotion of brand careers and doings true email, as you all know in our today life other social media's have become so usual to the extend that we don't give a damn anymore, but when a notification message shown on the top of your screen telling you that you have a new message on you phone your likely to check it because it's unusual, How email marketing works

Email marketing helps you take the gmail of you traffic visitors, and notify them whenever you post new content online, take for instance your an upcoming artist, you just upload your music on your website, and 100,000 people got a message on their email, that your sweet song is now on line to download, tap the link to download, if the email massage is touching about 70 thousand people might download, with this your gradually leaving the stage of an upcoming How to start email marketing

1: Navigate to the email marketing platform below

Home Page

2: select a plan how many email you want to be notifying, the higher the email, the higher the price, 20,000 email message may cost up to 20$ per month, I thing this affordable

3: when sending Message with email newsletter, make sure you message is touching and irresistable, this is the main goal scorer, if you email message is irresistible it we help you grow your audience quick. Thank you for reading one love

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Which you man on this earth wouldn’t want to look like this man on this picture or even more , I think nobody, it pains me alot seeing young guy dealing on drug trafficking and fraud just to make money, this case has been rampant in the Africa region Nigeria especially, but sometime I don’t blame them much, but anyway good new on you door step .

Do you know you can make money online, I mean good money, if you live in US, Singapore, Nigeria, China, your my main focus,

When it comes to making money online don’t just do anything that give money online, you have to first understand yourself, who you audience are and what is favorable in your country,

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5 things women find attractive in men

I’ve heard a series of reasons why girls say they are in love with one guy or the other. And the truth is that we can’t just like anyone if there’s nothing that gets us attracted to them. It just has to be one thing or the other that’s why you’d see responses when anyone is being asked why you like that person, you would hear, I like the back that he’s handsome and all. Also, there are lots of things that get you attracted to women outside handsome some of which would be talked about below.

Women are very soft-hearted and they wouldn’t mind taking their time to get someone that meets up to their standards. And you can be rated as meeting up to their standards if you are attracted to them.

And so in this article, I’ll be showing us 5 things women find attractive in men.

  1. Your Vocabulary Or Word Composition.

When we talk about attraction, one of the things women look out for in a man is how fluent and sweet his words are. How you’re able to speak good English with smashing fluency. It makes a lot of sense when your spoken words are good. And won’t advise that you brush up on your word composition.

  1. Your Charisma.

This comprises your body composition and how you carry yourself as a man. I mean, how you walk and how you carry yourself. It goes a long way in bringing like-minded people close to you. You can’t just look unkempt and expect to roll with big people. Package yourself.

  1. Your Hygiene.

How neat you’re is very important to women. How you take care of your things so much that you always try to avoid dirt is one thing that gets you attracted to women.

  1. Your Sense Of Humor.

The truth is you don’t have to be serious all the time. Some fun time with her would go a long way in making her happy. Women are biologically programmed to seek happiness and if you can grant them this they would get attracted to you and want to always spend their say with you.

  1. Your Beard.

It would not be complete if I didn’t mention this. I’ve seen a lot of women who love beards naturally. They love to see your beards either luxuriant or small they just get attracted to it. And if she likes your beard, it means she likes you already and so she is attracted to you.

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Top 10 best country to live and work.

When it comes to best country to live and work, a lot of countries have been put into consideration, but we provide a means to help you match out the best, the list are blow

1: Canada : when it comes to best country to live and work, Canada match number one, in Canada you don’t look for work, instead work look for you, and also Canada is a very safe country with low crime rate, another benefit of Canada: if you give bet to a child in Canada, your child is been given free education in public school till he or she is 18 mind you their public school is the best, and your children will be paid 450$ for accommodation and all needs this is enough proof to tell you that Canada is the best to live and work.

1 : Australia: always have it in mind Australia is different from Austria, Austria is Europe why Australia is Oceania, Australia is a very good country to live and work, with good pay and accommodation.

Disadvantages: each time I talk about countries I also speak about the disadvantages, in Australia there are many snakes reptiles, but anyway the reptiles are scared of you more than you are scared of them, and there are control measure to prevent them,

3: New Zealand: me personal new Zealand is my dream country, in new Zealand there are skilled job for foreigners be you a farmer or whatever, and also base on research, new Zealander are one of the most friendly people in the word.

4: Denmark

5: Finland


7: Germany

8: Singapore

9: Norway

10 : Netherland

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Check Out What These Police Officers Are Doing On Duty – Photos

Nigerian police are becoming something else, human right is no longer existing in Nigeria, police now harass citizen, as you can see in the picture below, a police man search a lady illegally. Only God can help Nigeria, thank you for reading , you make sure we cast out worldwide news.

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How to last long in bed

The best way to grow your sexual life is to go natural, there are many food and fruit to solve weak erection, and early release , onions and garlic have proven to be a good cure, onions and garlic help you penis grow bigger, onions help the easy flow of blood which can help you cure weak erection and easy release, same to garlic also, you can chew row onions or make onion juice, cut you onions into four blend them, when the juice is done, please don’t drink fast, sip slowly because the onions juice is bitter, to avoid shock from the body.

This is for both male and female

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Love and destiny Chapter 1 I was so happy knowing that I will be living Fiji to go and hustle in new Zealand tomorrow, but I was more excited, when I taught of the fact that a job is already waiting for me, with the way the visa process went, I realize why my mother gave me the name Solomon, indeed I was as smart as king solomon, that night I kept looking at my visa over and over again, I was unable to sleep, and morning refuse to come, but finally I slept of. When I woke up it was 7:30am, my box was long prepared by my caring mother, my family was poor, and I never knew who my dad is, my mom told me he died two months after my birth. While I was about to leave, my Mom sat me down and gave me a dip peace of advice which gat me so motivated. Few minutes from then I left the house, I took a taxi to the airport, when I got to the airport I was so happy, although I was missing many of my co-farm workers in Fiji, After all the proper arrangement was made, the flight started kicking to move. I was so happy and surprise, because that was the first time I was entering a flight, but I acted so matured, which made people beside me think I was use to it. While the flight was flying , it was very cold, although my jacket was strong enough,but I notice the girl beside me was not comfortable, I was wearing a tick longs live inside, so I pulled my jacket and gave it to her, she dragged it with force and said thank you so much, then I realize she has long wanting to ask me for it. After a while she ask me where are you headed, then I told her I was traveling to new Zealand, she was like, wow same direction, when the flight landed in new Zealand we came down, the police where checking my document,but for her she was a citizen, I was waiting for my employer to come carry me, while she was waiting for her father, I wanted to continue charting with her, but it look as if nothing to say, at that point I realized I haven’t ask her, her name. Immediately I trow the question to her, she said her name was Bryan, immediately my employer arrived, what a coincidence, my employer was her father Chapter 2 My employers name was Mr. Raymond , immediately Mr Raymond sighted her daughter Bryan , he came to our direction, he didn’t even get to answer my greetings because he was so excited seeing her daughter. But after greeting her daughter, he then look at me and said, you must be Solomon my employee right, I nodded my head signifying yes. So Mr.Raymond looked at me and said meet my daughter Bryan his your new boss, from this point I began to develop more respect for her, so we move to Mr. Raymond’s car and he drop us home. When we got home my boss miss Bryan took me to the workers apartment and showed me my room, she gave me some file to sign, and told me that am to resume work tomorrow, my work hours was from 8am to 6pm under 12 hours setting, immediately Bryan left the apartment , and ask me to feel comfortable. The bed was so cool, but that didn’t stop me from waking up early. I arrived at the farm building at 7am, as a matter of fact I was the first farm worker to arrive , but the office workers where in already, I went straight to the office to sign my name as a new worker, when I got to the office, I greeted everybody, they all answered me like there saw a ghost, there where no male worker in that office at that moment, one of the workers said in a low tone “oh my God his so handsome” , I pretended like I didnt hear her, she ask me my name, and I responded, am Solomon Michael, she looked at me and said “wow what a lovely name, am Jennifer but you can call me Jenni” , I looked at her and smile, I didn’t say anything because I was shut of words and also suprise , she took me to my department and left. While we where working my co-workers where discussing on interesting issue’s, but I was so focus on my work, and my mind was so focus on what happened early, naturally I knew I was handsome but I don’t know I was lovable, because my appearance was poor, immediately a bell was ringed signifying that it was time for lunch, I was about to turn when someone close me eyes from back, when my eyes was open, it was Jennifer the office worker, she told me to have lunch with her, I said no because I don’t have any money with me, and back in Fiji I don’t take lunch food, it just breakfast and dinner I opened up to her, by telling her that I don’t have money , she ask me not to worry that she will pay the bills, as I followed her I saw Bryan my boss, she was coming to my directed but immediately she saw both of us her face appearance changed, she acted like she was angry with me, Jennifer really did not see Bryan, I was the only one who sighted her, I was so scared but I tried to comfort my self. I must say I had a good time with Jenni, at the local food joint, she was fun with. Soon after we went back to work, and in due time we closed, I was about to leave the farm building when I saw boss Bryan’s car, she parked and came down, I greeted her, but she did not answer, rather she shouted on “this is your first day at work, and your already messing around with girls, shame on you” I did not say a word immediately she went into her car and drove off, I was not afraid because I was old enough to know that is not anger but jealousy. Dear reader thanks for reading I personally wrote this story for your, please tap the link below to follow me on Instagram, and also follow this website to know when I complete, my story