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Love and destiny Chapter 1 I was so happy knowing that I will be living Fiji to go and hustle in new Zealand tomorrow, but I was more excited, when I taught of the fact that a job is already waiting for me, with the way the visa process went, I realize why my mother gave me the name Solomon, indeed I was as smart as king solomon, that night I kept looking at my visa over and over again, I was unable to sleep, and morning refuse to come, but finally I slept of. When I woke up it was 7:30am, my box was long prepared by my caring mother, my family was poor, and I never knew who my dad is, my mom told me he died two months after my birth. While I was about to leave, my Mom sat me down and gave me a dip peace of advice which gat me so motivated. Few minutes from then I left the house, I took a taxi to the airport, when I got to the airport I was so happy, although I was missing many of my co-farm workers in Fiji, After all the proper arrangement was made, the flight started kicking to move. I was so happy and surprise, because that was the first time I was entering a flight, but I acted so matured, which made people beside me think I was use to it. While the flight was flying , it was very cold, although my jacket was strong enough,but I notice the girl beside me was not comfortable, I was wearing a tick longs live inside, so I pulled my jacket and gave it to her, she dragged it with force and said thank you so much, then I realize she has long wanting to ask me for it. After a while she ask me where are you headed, then I told her I was traveling to new Zealand, she was like, wow same direction, when the flight landed in new Zealand we came down, the police where checking my document,but for her she was a citizen, I was waiting for my employer to come carry me, while she was waiting for her father, I wanted to continue charting with her, but it look as if nothing to say, at that point I realized I haven’t ask her, her name. Immediately I trow the question to her, she said her name was Bryan, immediately my employer arrived, what a coincidence, my employer was her father Chapter 2 My employers name was Mr. Raymond , immediately Mr Raymond sighted her daughter Bryan , he came to our direction, he didn’t even get to answer my greetings because he was so excited seeing her daughter. But after greeting her daughter, he then look at me and said, you must be Solomon my employee right, I nodded my head signifying yes. So Mr.Raymond looked at me and said meet my daughter Bryan his your new boss, from this point I began to develop more respect for her, so we move to Mr. Raymond’s car and he drop us home. When we got home my boss miss Bryan took me to the workers apartment and showed me my room, she gave me some file to sign, and told me that am to resume work tomorrow, my work hours was from 8am to 6pm under 12 hours setting, immediately Bryan left the apartment , and ask me to feel comfortable. The bed was so cool, but that didn’t stop me from waking up early. I arrived at the farm building at 7am, as a matter of fact I was the first farm worker to arrive , but the office workers where in already, I went straight to the office to sign my name as a new worker, when I got to the office, I greeted everybody, they all answered me like there saw a ghost, there where no male worker in that office at that moment, one of the workers said in a low tone “oh my God his so handsome” , I pretended like I didnt hear her, she ask me my name, and I responded, am Solomon Michael, she looked at me and said “wow what a lovely name, am Jennifer but you can call me Jenni” , I looked at her and smile, I didn’t say anything because I was shut of words and also suprise , she took me to my department and left. While we where working my co-workers where discussing on interesting issue’s, but I was so focus on my work, and my mind was so focus on what happened early, naturally I knew I was handsome but I don’t know I was lovable, because my appearance was poor, immediately a bell was ringed signifying that it was time for lunch, I was about to turn when someone close me eyes from back, when my eyes was open, it was Jennifer the office worker, she told me to have lunch with her, I said no because I don’t have any money with me, and back in Fiji I don’t take lunch food, it just breakfast and dinner I opened up to her, by telling her that I don’t have money , she ask me not to worry that she will pay the bills, as I followed her I saw Bryan my boss, she was coming to my directed but immediately she saw both of us her face appearance changed, she acted like she was angry with me, Jennifer really did not see Bryan, I was the only one who sighted her, I was so scared but I tried to comfort my self. I must say I had a good time with Jenni, at the local food joint, she was fun with. Soon after we went back to work, and in due time we closed, I was about to leave the farm building when I saw boss Bryan’s car, she parked and came down, I greeted her, but she did not answer, rather she shouted on “this is your first day at work, and your already messing around with girls, shame on you” I did not say a word immediately she went into her car and drove off, I was not afraid because I was old enough to know that is not anger but jealousy. Dear reader thanks for reading I personally wrote this story for your, please tap the link below to follow me on Instagram, and also follow this website to know when I complete, my story

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