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Top 10 best country to live and work.

When it comes to best country to live and work, a lot of countries have been put into consideration, but we provide a means to help you match out the best, the list are blow

1: Canada : when it comes to best country to live and work, Canada match number one, in Canada you don’t look for work, instead work look for you, and also Canada is a very safe country with low crime rate, another benefit of Canada: if you give bet to a child in Canada, your child is been given free education in public school till he or she is 18 mind you their public school is the best, and your children will be paid 450$ for accommodation and all needs this is enough proof to tell you that Canada is the best to live and work.

1 : Australia: always have it in mind Australia is different from Austria, Austria is Europe why Australia is Oceania, Australia is a very good country to live and work, with good pay and accommodation.

Disadvantages: each time I talk about countries I also speak about the disadvantages, in Australia there are many snakes reptiles, but anyway the reptiles are scared of you more than you are scared of them, and there are control measure to prevent them,

3: New Zealand: me personal new Zealand is my dream country, in new Zealand there are skilled job for foreigners be you a farmer or whatever, and also base on research, new Zealander are one of the most friendly people in the word.

4: Denmark

5: Finland


7: Germany

8: Singapore

9: Norway

10 : Netherland

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