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5 things women find attractive in men

I’ve heard a series of reasons why girls say they are in love with one guy or the other. And the truth is that we can’t just like anyone if there’s nothing that gets us attracted to them. It just has to be one thing or the other that’s why you’d see responses when anyone is being asked why you like that person, you would hear, I like the back that he’s handsome and all. Also, there are lots of things that get you attracted to women outside handsome some of which would be talked about below.

Women are very soft-hearted and they wouldn’t mind taking their time to get someone that meets up to their standards. And you can be rated as meeting up to their standards if you are attracted to them.

And so in this article, I’ll be showing us 5 things women find attractive in men.

  1. Your Vocabulary Or Word Composition.

When we talk about attraction, one of the things women look out for in a man is how fluent and sweet his words are. How you’re able to speak good English with smashing fluency. It makes a lot of sense when your spoken words are good. And won’t advise that you brush up on your word composition.

  1. Your Charisma.

This comprises your body composition and how you carry yourself as a man. I mean, how you walk and how you carry yourself. It goes a long way in bringing like-minded people close to you. You can’t just look unkempt and expect to roll with big people. Package yourself.

  1. Your Hygiene.

How neat you’re is very important to women. How you take care of your things so much that you always try to avoid dirt is one thing that gets you attracted to women.

  1. Your Sense Of Humor.

The truth is you don’t have to be serious all the time. Some fun time with her would go a long way in making her happy. Women are biologically programmed to seek happiness and if you can grant them this they would get attracted to you and want to always spend their say with you.

  1. Your Beard.

It would not be complete if I didn’t mention this. I’ve seen a lot of women who love beards naturally. They love to see your beards either luxuriant or small they just get attracted to it. And if she likes your beard, it means she likes you already and so she is attracted to you.

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