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You can stay 20 days without going to the market, but you can’t stay a day without going online, that why the richest men made their money online, if you love the name success please read this blog.

Which you man on this earth wouldn’t want to look like this man on this picture or even more , I think nobody, it pains me alot seeing young guy dealing on drug trafficking and fraud just to make money, this case has been rampant in the Africa region Nigeria especially, but sometime I don’t blame them much, but anyway good new on you door step .

Do you know you can make money online, I mean good money, if you live in US, Singapore, Nigeria, China, your my main focus,

When it comes to making money online don’t just do anything that give money online, you have to first understand yourself, who you audience are and what is favorable in your country,

United state: if you live in united station you have great opportunity to become a millionaire , but that is if only your determine, her are the procedures to follow.

Teach English online:

I personally teach foreigners English online, funny enough I’m not from US neither have I been to US before, before I started teaching English, I made research on how to start, I saw many platform to sign up, I did not because, does platform pays true PayPal, and you can receive money with PayPal from Nigeria, but I did not give up I create a WhatsApp group, and I titled it English student I was posting on Brazilian, China, Spain Portugal, south Korea Facebook group, I translated to their language saying, if you want to learn English contact me, I charge 20 $ per Clint, and I was making 500 dollar per month just teaching, I start teach 12am Nigeria time to 1am just one our each day, guess what majority of does foreigners who contacted me left, there didn’t allow me to teach them immediately there realize I’m from Nigeria, there said there taught I’m from US , please if I have been able to create ideal into your brain reward me by following me on Instagram, tap the link below.

Nigeria: my fatherland, if you live in Nigeria I know you must have tried affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube channel, drop shipping, for this to work for you in Nigeria you must be famous, and I know you can wait,

I made some thousands of money from piggy vest, piggy vest Is a government website approve by central bank of Nigeria (C.B.N), in this website you will see many stock farm and brand, like ginger and garlic farm,there harvest this crops and sell in foreign countries, the minimum investment is 5000# , If your scared I we advice you to start from the lowest price which is 5000# after your cash out from your first stock no one we decide for you how much you will invest the second time, it very easy sign up on Their website with the link below

After you finish creating your channel on the website, write down you login details, then you download the app on play store and login, mind you dont create your account with the app, instead create your account on their website and login , you can as well use the website all true.

Thank you guys please follow me on Instagram, tap the link below to follow


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