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How email marketing can help you grow, as an upcoming artist or brand owner

are you struggling to grown you career, maybe you have tried using hashtag, add promotion on social media but no good result yet, I think is time you try Email marketing What is Email marketing:

Email marketing is the advertising and promotion of brand careers and doings true email, as you all know in our today life other social media's have become so usual to the extend that we don't give a damn anymore, but when a notification message shown on the top of your screen telling you that you have a new message on you phone your likely to check it because it's unusual, How email marketing works

Email marketing helps you take the gmail of you traffic visitors, and notify them whenever you post new content online, take for instance your an upcoming artist, you just upload your music on your website, and 100,000 people got a message on their email, that your sweet song is now on line to download, tap the link to download, if the email massage is touching about 70 thousand people might download, with this your gradually leaving the stage of an upcoming How to start email marketing

1: Navigate to the email marketing platform below

Home Page

2: select a plan how many email you want to be notifying, the higher the email, the higher the price, 20,000 email message may cost up to 20$ per month, I thing this affordable

3: when sending Message with email newsletter, make sure you message is touching and irresistable, this is the main goal scorer, if you email message is irresistible it we help you grow your audience quick. Thank you for reading one love


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